Young Yogis & Kid's Parties

Children have an inherently natural ability to perform yoga. Unconsciously they sleep in child's pose, wake up to down dog, and play in frog pose. Looking for a different idea for your child's next birthday, think yoga. Any theme can be customized into a fun yoga party.

Some Yoga Party Themes include:

  • Mermaids and Pirates 
  • Rainforest Adventure 
  • Yoga Games 
  • Storybook Yoga 
  • Day at the Beach 
  • Outer Space 
  • Fairy Tales 
  • Superheroes 
  • African Safari 
  • Day at the Farm 
  • ABC animals 
  • Nature/Camping 
  • Party Music Yoga 
  • Sports Theme 
  • Power Yoga 
  • Archeology Adventure 
  • Go Green Yoga 
  • Girls night in (perfect as part of a sleepover) 
  • Any character/theme/story can be made into a fantastic custom yoga party (Dora, Star Wars, American Girl)

Cost includes yoga instruction and all equipment/props brought to your party location. Fun, games, partner poses, and guided relaxation are all part of the celebration. Foot massages and guided relaxation will end the class. A t-shirt mandala will be made for the birthday child. One craft will be included. Choose from the following:

  • Scented bath salts 
  • Inspirational baloons 
  • Mediation rock 
  • Wish boxes

One hour and 30 minute party $125 for up to 12 children ($10 each additional at your chosen location)

Don't have a space? We can arrange a space at Spartanburg Public Library or Chapman Cultural Center - $160 for up to 12 children ($10 each additional child). Two weeks advance notice/ based on availabillity.

Add on Crafts(approximate additional time 30-45 minutes) - Inquire about pricing

  • Yoga Feet or yoga hand mini portraits--each child will take home a mini canvas with there foot print or hand print decorated with their creativity
  • Mandala - The mandala represents the universe in the yoga tradition. Each child will divide there own Mandala into centers and draw pictures of there universe. The universe represents all things that make their world fun, fantastic and possible. Alas - a circlular representation of your child's creativity.
  • Chakra necklace or bracelet - Make a bracelet or necklace that represents the seven chakras (energy centers of the body).
  • Yoga Tees - Each child can decorate their very own tee to take home.
  • Personalized Yoga Eye Pillow - Each child can decorate one side of their very own eye pillow
  • Decorate your own reusable bag - perfect for a yoga go green party

Party Favors(inquire about pricing)

  • Water Bottles 
  • Yoga Balls 
  • Yoga mats 
  • Yoga straps 
  • Yoga Eye pillows

Contact us anytime at 864-612-8333 - e-mail